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Avishka Laknath

Digital Marketing Consultant

Transform Your Online Presence with Proven Digital Marketing Solutions

Pursuing a career in digital marketing is like being a modern-day alchemist, turning clicks into gold. With each campaign, you have the power to transform a brand's online presence and turn it into a shining beacon in the digital world.

Immersing myself in the ever-changing digital landscape, I always learn and experiment with new tactics and technologies.

So come join the ranks of the digital alchemists, and let's turn clicks into gold together.


Experienced Marketing Professional with over 7 years of success in both local and multinational organizations.


Design and execute comprehensive digital marketing campaigns, consistently achieving measurable results.


Self motivated and Results Driven.


Experience in managing Digital Marketing for Multi-National & leading Local businesses.

Strategize the overall digital marketing strategy with budget forecasting and campaign planning. 

Managing all corporate social media accounts.

Drives consistent adoption and usage of global resources in the local context to generate demand, awareness creation & lead generation.

Developing and planning the social media and paid media strategy.

Handling social media accounts of High Net Worth Individuals for Personal Branding efforts. 


You need a strong online presence to succeed in today's digital landscape.


A comprehensive digital strategy, effective social media management, organic growth strategies, an optimized website, targeted paid media, personal branding, and quality content creation are all essential elements for you to have a successful digital marketing plan.


These services can help you to increase your online visibility, reach your target audience, and grow your business.


Investing in digital marketing services is a smart move for a business looking to establish and grow its online presence.


Take advantage of my FREE 30-minute consultation session. 


During our time together, we'll discuss your unique business challenges and aspirations and create a customized digital marketing plan to help you reach your goals.


Whether it's increasing your online visibility, boosting traffic to your website, or establishing a strong brand, I am here to help.


Thilanka Abeywardena

CMO, Microsoft - SEA

Avishka strategically led a number of key projects and campaigns for Southeast Asia emerging markets and has hands on experience in orchestrating across various countries and diverse teams. He has led some projects on ground in various countries such as Myanmar, Cambodia etc dealing with international vendors and agencies. His international exposure coupled with his skill and competency will make him a great asset for any organization.

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