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Is the BeReal trend declining?

BeReal, the new social media platform that gained millions of downloads in 2022, has been making waves and challenging the giants of TikTok and Instagram.

But is this platform here to stay or is it already on the decline?

A person holding a phone with BeReal app opened
Every day at a different time, everyone is notified simultaneously to capture and share a Photo in 2 Minutes.

BeReal, which reached millions of downloads in 2022 and posed a threat to TikTok and Instagram gained popularity due to its authenticity angle and casual atmosphere, where users can only post once per day.

🅱️ Despite reaching 53 million downloads in 2022, only 9% of users are active every day on BeReal, which could be a sign of boredom with the platform.

🅱️ Posting once per day on BeReal becomes monotonous, leading to disinterest among users.

🅱️ TikTok and Instagram have features similar to this, making it easier for BeReal to lose its user base.

🅱️ BeReal experienced crashes and glitches in 2022, which lead to user frustration with the app.

The future of BeReal is uncertain, but the platform will have to keep working and adapting to user needs if it wants to stay relevant.

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Thanks for reading!

Avishka Laknath

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