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Apple | Think Different | Marketing Case Study

This iconic marketing campaign was launched by Apple Inc. in 1997. The campaign was a crucial part of Apple's corporate rebranding effort after Steve Jobs returned to the company.

At the time, Apple was facing significant business challenges and was trying to recover from low sales and a tarnished reputation.

The "Think Different" campaign was designed by the Los Angeles advertising agency TBWA\Chiat\Day. The slogan "Think Different" was a clear and direct response to IBM's slogan "Think."

It was a bold statement that Apple was not just another tech company -- it was a company that valued creativity, innovation, and the individuals who think outside the box.

Marketing Strategies

  1. The campaign was kicked off with a television commercial known as "The Crazy Ones," which featured black-and-white footage of influential figures in history, such as Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, and others. The narration, originally done by Richard Dreyfuss and later also by Steve Jobs himself, celebrated the individuals who "see things differently" and "push the human race forward."

  2. The campaign extended beyond TV commercials. It included print ads in newspapers and magazines and billboards in major cities. The same black-and-white style was applied to these ads, maintaining a consistent, easily identifiable aesthetic across all media.

  3. The campaign didn't focus on specific products. Instead, it aimed to reinforce and redefine the Apple brand. By associating itself with famous personalities who 'thought differently', Apple positioned itself as a brand for innovative, creative thinkers.

Why Apple Did this campaign?

Apple launched this campaign to reinvent its brand image and to differentiate itself from competitors.

The campaign aimed to resonate emotionally with consumers, inspiring them to see Apple as more than just a technology company, but as a company that stood for creativity, innovation, and thinking outside the box. It was about aligning the brand with a certain mindset and lifestyle.

Results of the Campaign

The "Think Different" campaign is widely regarded as one of the most successful rebranding campaigns in history.

It effectively helped Apple to stand out in a crowded marketplace and to resonate with consumers on an emotional level.

Following the campaign, Apple saw a significant turnaround in its business, with increased sales and a revitalized brand image.

The campaign not only improved Apple's financial performance but also had a lasting impact on Apple's brand identity.

Even today, the "Think Different" ethos continues to be a core part of Apple's brand image and messaging.

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